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B2B appointment setting service / methodology

Putting theory into practice

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When scheduling an appointment at executive level, our success rate in terms of call to appointment ratio is generally 50-75%. Our field experience has demonstrated this to be the case for most of the companies we represent.

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Competitor analysis ›

Script development ›

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Client orientation

The first step in the appointment setting process is to develop a strong understanding of your company. During the intelligence gathering process, we examine your philosophy and unique value proposition as well as the range of products or services you offer and how they relate to the marketplace. We scrutinize white papers, corporate literature and industry focus fact sheets to extract pertinent information; all of which aids us in ensuring our appointment setting strategy ultimately drives revenue growth.

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Competitor analysis

In the process of this orientation, we develop a competitive and SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) which helps position the ’pitch’ and is critical in terms of crafting responds to obstacles or objections.

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Script development

Although our people employ a conversational approach to their calls, we develop a point form ‘pitch’ to ensure that our conversation stays on message:

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Validation of your ideal prospect

An ‘ideal’ prospect profile is a fundamental step in understanding your target market; generating a much higher percentage of well-qualified leads by identifying opportunities at a much earlier stage in the sales cycle.

Solid market intelligence and a well defined, ideal ‘prospect profile’ are key to weeding out those leads that do not offer any sales potential while at the same time, identify those that have a potential requirement for your product or service offering; for example:

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Lead generation / pre-qualification

The first step in converting a higher percentage of leads to appointments and ultimately into sales, starts with improving the overall quality and accuracy of your data or lead base.

Pre-qualifying based on your ideal prospect profile is a critical component of lead generation and will have an enormous impact on the quality of your appointments.

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Refinement and modifications

During the initial rollout of the appointment setting process, modifications to the approach will be made as necessary based on the call results:

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Appointment setting and follow-ups

Appointments are scheduled with senior decision makers based on your key criteria:

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Communication records

We provide a detailed communication record for each completed prospect. Detailed reporting is provided monthly however, clients may request a daily or weekly analysis:

Booked appointment details are sent to you via email along with the any other relevant information pertinent to the discussion including: date of the appointment, contact details, e-mail address, link to their corporate web site. A link to MapQuest is also included along with any detailed directions provided by the prospect.

Requests for literature with date for follow-up or, reason for declining an appointment should rejection occur

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B2B appointment setting service

B2B appointment setting

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Industry sector spotlight

IT appointment setting

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